Marketing - Adverts

Adverts allow you to add advertising to your website, and has an additional reporting feature which allows you to track click and impression rates.
To set up an advert requires three steps: Advert Details, Keyword Selection and a valid Campaign.

Advert Details

  1. To add a new advert to your site, click on 'Adverts'.
  2. From the workspace click 'New Advert' button. 
  3. Select the Advert Type from the dropdown menu. Choose from Skyscraper, Banner or Mobile. Note: these are the default adverts and developers can add more if required.
    1. Skyscraper – This advert appears on the right hand side of the page and is oblong shaped.
    2. Banner – This is a horizontal advert.
    3. Mobile – This is an advert for mobile apps.
  4. Enter an Advert Name in the textbox.
  5. Click 'Save New Advert'. 
  6. Your new advert will appear listed in the workspace.
On the right hand side of the workspace, next to each advert listed, there is an actions column. This allows you to either 'Edit Advert' or 'Delete Advert'. Selecting 'Edit Advert' allows you to view Details, Keywords and Campaigns for this advert.
  1. To edit the details, click on the Checkout Item button in the top right hand corner. 
  2. Title: Enter the title of the advert here. This is a reference name only.
  3. URL: Enter the url of where the advert should point to.
  4. Is Site Wide: Check this checkbox for your advert to appear across your whole website.
  5. Image: Choose the image you want for your advert by clicking the select image button. The Assets window will appear on the left hand side. Here you can navigate to where your image has been saved.

Keyword Selection

  1. Next, click on the Keywords tab within the top horizontal bar. This is where you can assign keywords. Adverts will display on pages that have the same keywords selected as your chosen keywords. E.g. If your advert is about Football, and your website is about sport in general, and you only want this advert to appear on specific pages about football, you should tag the advert as “football”, and select the keyword “football” in the article.
  2. Keywords can be set up in the Settings area by your Administrator, which can also be categorised for easy selection.
  3. In Keywords, select the relevant keyword(s) for your advert.


A campaign is required for an advert to show. Campaigns can run through either a time period, or through a maximum impression rate.
  1. In the Campaigns tab, click on the ‘Add New Campaign’ button.
  2. Start Date: Choose the start date and time you want this campaign to begin.
  3. End Date: Choose the date and time you want this campaign to end.
  4. Max Impressions: Enter the maximum number of impressions here. If you do not wish to use maximum impressions, enter the number zero.
  5. Click on ‘Save Campaign’ button. This will take you back to the Campaign workspace where you can set up more campaigns. 
  6. On the right hand side is the Actions dropdown where you can ‘View Reports’ or ‘Delete Campaign’.
  7. Once you have finished click on the Save Changes button in the top right corner.


  1. Select View Reports and this will take you to the Reports page. Here you can view the total number of clicks and impressions, as well as your top 5 URLs. To view the full results, click on the Download Report button, which will download a CSV file.