Click on the Marketing icon and then click on 'Emails' from the main tree. From this area you are able to send Bulk HTML templated emails, scheduled emails and manage your email recipient groups. You can also purchase credits by clicking on the 'Buy Credits' button. This will take you to the NgageCMS website and allow you to choose the amount of credits you require and purchase.
  • Bulk Emailer - Click here to send emails to multiple recipients.

    Adding a New email
  1. Click on the 'Add New Email' button,
  2. Enter an ‘Email Ref Name’.
  3. Click 'Save New Email' button.
  4. The next screen will ask you to select the website this email is associated with from the dropdown menu.
  5. Select the email template from the dropdown menu, you may have more than 1 template depending on how your developer has set this up for you.
  6. Select the marketing type from the dropdown menu (users will have the option to unsubscribe from these types).
  7. Click 'Next'.
  8. You will now see the email template editor, depending on the template this may have different editable areas, click on the template to display the text edit options.
  9. Enter the email text and any images you require.
  10. Click 'Next'.
  11. Select the recipients from the checkbox list, you can filter the list by group or name.
  12. Click 'Next'.
  13. Enter a subject.
  14. Enter a date and time you want the email to be sent.
  15. Recipient count will be the number of recipients you selected in the previous step, confirm this is correct.
  16. Click Schedule Emails.
  17. Your emails have now been scheduled to send.

    Note: Your email template content will now be saved under the reference you entered future use, to re-use a previous email you can use the dropdown list to 'Edit Email', then complete the steps above again.

  • Scheduled Emails - If you have any future emails scheduled, these will appear in the workspace under the 'Scheduled Emails' tab at the top, you can delete scheduled emails if required.

  • Manage Groups - This area allows you to manage groups of email recipients.
  1. To add a new group, click 'Add New Group'
  2. Enter the group name in the textbox.
  3. Click 'Save New Group' to save the group.
  4. Your new group added will appear on the list of groups in the workspace.
  5. On the right hand side of the page there are two actions from the dropdown menu, 'Edit Contacts' or 'Delete Group'.

    You are also able to upload your own data via CSV file.
  1. Click on 'Upload CSV'.
  2. Click on 'Download CSV Template' for the correct CSV format for use on the NgageCMS.
  3. Populate the CSV file and save to your file system.
  4. Click 'Upload CSV File' and 'Select CSV file' and choose the CSV file from the saved file location, then click 'Open'.
  5. The CSV file will then be uploaded.
Default HTML email templates