Web Users - Password Reset

  1. Click on 'Users' within the main tree, then click on 'Web Users'.
  2. Select 'Web Users' from the top navigation.
  3. From the drop down menu under the 'Actions' column, select 'View/Edit User Details'.
  4. Click 'Reset Users Password' button. You then have the option of  choosing your own new password, or having one generated for you. 
  5. To enter your own password, please populate the 'Enter a New Password' and 'Confirm Password' fields.
  6. Alternatively, to have a password generated, please tick the box next to 'Random Password'.
  7. Click ‘Save Password' button or if you require an email click the 'Save Password & Email User Reset’ button. You will need to confirm the that you want to reset the password.
  8. Your password is now rest.