The ‘Extra Info’ tab allows you to add extra fields for completion to clarify the client stock selection.
  1. Click on the ‘Extra Info’ tab on the horizontal navigation bar and then click on the ‘Add New Field’ button.
  2. Input label name into text box under ‘Label’.
  3. Under ‘Type’, choose the relevant option from the dropdown list (‘Text’ and ‘Dropdown List’)
  4. Tick the checkbox if this field is a required field.
  5. Note: Every item requires a display label and a value.
  6. –The user must enter some text into this box to continue. You can specify the way this box is populated (text, number or email) in the second dropdown menu.
Dropdown List – Select this option and a content box appears. Enter all possible options for the user to choose from here, each on a separate line. Values for the options can be specified like this ‘text:value’. If an option has a value then it will become the default option. If this field is required then the user cannot select the default option of 0.