Edit Web Page Content - Content Widgets

To add a Content Widget to your website pages:
  1. Click on 'Websites' within the main tree, then click on the red triangle next to your chosen website.
  2. Click on the red triangle next to 'Pages' to show all pages on your website.
  3. Click on the page that you want to add a widget to and then click on the checkout icon at the top right corner of the work space.
  4. Click on the 'Content' option across the top of the page and then click the 'Widgets' button on the second row of editing options. This will give you the choice of five content widgets you can add to the page: 
Content widgets allow blocks of content to be contained within an area which can be positioned and resized anywhere on the page.
Every widget has at least 2 tabs, content and settings including:
  • Width (percentage or a pixel value)
  • Height (pixel value, left empty for auto height)
  • Kirst add more from the settings tab here
Kirst add an image of a email widget in place after details have been entered
Content Block:
This widget is used for inserting a block of content to your webpage.
Email Form:
Use this widget to create an email form for use on your website.
HTML Block:
Allows you to add a HTML block, (embedding video etc) to your page.
Photo Gallery:
Allows you to add a gallery of images (direct from your asset structure) to your webpage.
Stock Listing:
This widget can be added to a page to display specific stock items.