Bulk Stock Level Upload/Download

This area of the Product Manager allows stock to be uploaded and downloaded in bulk. This is an extremely useful tool that helps to upload numerous products without having to individually upload them to the application, minimising time and labour costs.
This follows the same step process as uploading new products however multiple products can be populated into the CSV file at the one time.
How to Upload New Products
  1. Download CSV Template by clicking on the “Download CSV Template” button.
  2. Populate the CSV file without changing column names.
  3. Select and copy all data in the CSV file
  4. Click “Paste Data Sheet” button.
  5. Confirm the uploaded data is correct.
  6. Click “Process Data” button.
Active: Whether the product listing is live to the POS system?
Buying Cost: Here, users can see the cost that they have bought each product. This is useful when determining the markup percentage and to see the profits that will be made on each product.
RRP Cost: Recommended retail price is the suggested retail price of the product and provides a comparison of the average market price of your product to your selling price.
Selling Cost: Is the price that the product will be sold at to customer.
Selling Offer Cost: The price will cross out the Selling Price and display the offer price below.
SKU: SKU is a code that identifies each individual product. Each code is unique and matches to one product only. You can search for a product by using the SKU code in the ‘SKU Filter’ found in the left top hand corner of the page. If you are using your own SKU’s we advise using the following format.

2 letter manufacturer abbreviation 

2 – 8 letter product abbreviation



Manufacturer = Reebok

Product Title = Vest T-Shirt


Stock Level: Provides accurate information on your total inventory levels for each product. This can be updated by click on “Edit Details”.
Tax Exclusive: Provides information as to whether the tax is included or excluded in the final price.
Title: This is the name of the product that is displayed on the website and the searchable text when searching a product within the POS system.