Assets - Add New Asset

  1. To add new assets, right click on the folder/sub folder within the main tree and choose the option 'Add New Asset'.
  2. Click the 'Add Files' button and select the files you wish to upload from your local file system, then select ‘Open’.
  3. You can now start the upload process by clicking the 'Start Upload' button. Newer browsers support the drag and drop of multiple files.
  4. Find the file or group of files you want to use on your local file system.
  5. Drag them into the panel that displays ‘Drop your files here!’
  6. Once dropped, the files are then in the upload queue. To start the upload, click the 'Start Upload' button.
If you want to cancel your upload you can at any time by clicking the 'Cancel Upload' button. Once the upload is complete a confirmation will pop-up and display successful uploads and any errors if they occurred.