E Commerce - Entering Stock Details

Once you have created a New Stock Item, by entering a Stock No (SKU), you will then be prompted to enter further required information, to allow the item to become available on your website. This is essential information about the Stock Item.
  1. Ensure you have clicked the 'Checkout Item' icon in the top right corner of the work space.
  2. Item is Active: Select the checkbox to display this item on the website.
  3. Display Image Gallery: Select the checkbox to display the image gallery for this item.
  4. Manufacturer: Select the manufacturer from the drop down list if required.
  5. Stock No (SKU): The stock code (SKU) for the stock item.
  6. Stock Title: The product display name.
  7. Short Description: This is a short description; this can be used when displaying a list of products on your website.
  8. Available Date: If this is set to a future date, the item will be displayed but cannot be purchased until the date set is reached.
  9. Once all information has been entered, the other essential information has be completed such as Meta Data, Content, Variations, Images, Related Products and Extra Info, click on the tick icon in the top right corner of the work space, to save.